Zyin – The Blue Ranger

 Zyin was created in July of 2007. The name really has no official meaning, since I was trying to get a cool name. Anything with a Z or X in it sounds pretty bold, and I like that. Someone had already taken ‘Xenith’, and ‘Zenith’ wasn’t available for use for some reason. I started just messing around with the name, and making random noises. o.O I ended up with ‘Zyin’, and it has stuck.

People often ask or say:

‘Hey, why are you blue? Archers don’t need STR.’

‘NOOB. Archers were deX equipz.’

‘Damage Range? — Why so low?’

‘LOL. Your Hp is so high.’

The answer to these are mainly, aesthetics, and pure noobiness.

Back in the day, this was and still is my very first MapleStory character. Also then, I was one of those people who were all like,”Lolwtf, I don’t wanna be a dumb bowman, and I don’t wanna lose exp, let’s use INT/LUK.” or “ZOMB, keep dying, need to use less pots! Add Hp/MP!” I was nooby then. ._. Turns out that I’m 50 DEX below average thanks to that, and have about 300-500 hp more than average. But did that ever stop me? No! I’m a Ranger with even all these setbacks!

The Blue Equipments were also a result of my noobiness in creating my character. “Dark equips look stupid. Let’s go blue, looks hawter.” This is true, because Blue is better. Things like this are also the reason that B0wjob is red. Chicks dig the aesthetics. ;) I don’t tell people that I was a noob and used blue equipment. Nowadays, I tell them that I’ve gone Low STR into 3rd job to add Dex. :P


The 91 3 slot eventually became a 95, because the last 60% didn’t work. D: Too lazy to update the photo.


One Response to Zyin – The Blue Ranger

  1. Jackk says:

    This reminds me of something:

    Friend: Hey Jackk (He used my real name as it was an irl friend but… yeah D: ), do you have perfect stats?
    Me: What’s that?
    Friend: Tell me how much luk and int you have
    Me: 8 int, 7 luk
    Friend: nvm

    Good times, good times xD

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