The Story So Far

The fun is where the heart is. My heart belongs to the world of Khaini.

8x. Where will the wind take me next?

The 70 Hunter

The 70 Hunter

Was trying to get 99.99% to prove them Basilers wrong. Ah well, guess it still holds up. Anyhow, fear the power of the level 70 Hunter! :D

Smexy New Equips!

New Equipment in a Spooky Cave

And so began my 3rd job advancment. The boat ride from El Nath was killer, because I wanted to upclass! Still, smexy new equips and a new bow made me pretty happy. Spooky cave! :O

The Fight

The Fight

Gawd! Those Tauros are so annoying. I stunned most of them with a few Arrow Bombs, so I could focus my almighty Double Shot on Dark Athena. Those 1k shots hurt. Dx

Free Dark Scroll

Defeated! Free Dark Scroll!

3rd Job Advance-1/26/08

Officially ‘the R’

Finally, I’ve done what not many Hunters have the patience to do. I of course, put my first point into Strafe, which I spammed happily afterwards. :D I have now…”Officially become the R”.

-On a side note, I forgot to move that window out of the way to see the pwnage 3rd Job animation. D: Go find it on Perion Corner or somethin.


Finally! Hit 71 about a week after that. I put those 3 SP into Mortal Blow. I hope to get 1 AR early for mobbing. Plus, its the smexiest Ranger skill out there. Couldn’t get a screenie because it was my last LMPQ.


71-72 took a loooong time from my perspective. o.o I’m guessing because I’m just not used to the slow leveling after PQing from 35-70.


Level 73 – 2/19/08

I Level Miss Up’d.

Level MissUp

74 – 2/24/08

Didn’t get a screenie of the whole level animation. I was watching a movie while training. Just about my fastest level heading into 7x so far. Got some good drops too, so I’m fully convinced to stay at Pirates for a looong time.

742nd DineEmpress1st Dine2nd Rab

First Rab!

75 – 3/4/2008

Is it me, or are these levels getting longer? o.o


76 – 3/15/08

How do these guys at 1xx keep constantly grinding? D:


77 – 3/21/08

I really gotta find a new training spot. >_>


78 – 4/11/08

I wanna get to 80 nao. D:

Level 79 – 5/04/08

First level of the month eh? Gotta keep going. Looks like I wasn’t able to pull off ‘a Bowjob’, because getting 9 levels has taken me almost 4 months! D:

Level 80 / One Dream – May 11, 2008

Well, I sort of cheated. 75% in 3 hours off 4x exp. x3 Didn’t do it in record time, but I did it.

I\'ve finally done it.

May 18th, 2008 – Married to DreamingEm

June 10th, 2008 – 14 Dex, 14 Str, 15 Int, 15 Luk Helm Bought (Will reloot in the future)

June 12th, 2008 – Level 81

And yes, still at Pirates.

Level 82 – June 24th, 2008

Decided to move to Red Nose Pirate Den 2. More spawn, faster training. Zhelm takes the blunt of the damage. :D It’s a 1143el Up. Does that make me pro now?

Level 83 – August 18, 2008

Lol, my first level up since June. And look! No more Pirates! :D

Level 84 – September 1, 2008

On the last day of summer 2x too. :P

Level 85 – 9.14.08

Look! I train on snails now!

Level 86 – 10.11.08

Look! New training spot.

Level 87 – 10.16.08

Fastest level in 8x, Typhons are just wow. Plus, check out the proness of my Le4v0846418632150 up.

Level 88 – 10.24.08

See? Actually training again. I have the feeling that all my level ups at Typhons will look something like this. O.o But 23 rain now! Yaaaay.

Level 89 – 10.31.08

Happy Nevada Day! Lol, Halloween also. Check it out. a Picture where I’m not getting mobbed for a level.

Level 90 – November 4th, 2008


Haha. 30 levels to go till super-pew-pew. For now, I get my 105 Metus! :O



2 Responses to The Story So Far

  1. B0WJOB says:

    No kidding @ “those Tauros are so annoying”
    I died when I was advancing -.-

    by the way, i think you put the wrong screenshot for the 1st SS

  2. wisdomofzen says:

    Thanks, been fixed.

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