About Me

Hey. My name, I choose to keep to myself. My friends on Khaini call me Zen though, after the Buddhist symbol for Balance. Honestly, it just sounds so much cooler and mystical than my real name. :P

I live in the Las Vegas area, and am starting up my Freshman year at ATECH. Its pretty tough actually, with all these advanced classes, like Alebra II Trig. D:

MapleStory has not completely trashed my life like people say it would. Its helped to mellow me out a lot, which is nice. I still work and study very hard in school, but relax with people I feel euphoria with on the Internet with Maple and real life.. Join me sometime! You might even run into some famous Bowmasters who are left, or to remember.


One Response to About Me

  1. B0WJOB says:

    When I first playing GMS I wanted to keep my name to myself and only let few close friends knowing my name…at low level I was afraid that giving away my name would contribute to being hacked…turned out that I dont care anymore lol

    It’s good to hear that MS is giving you a good outcome :)
    lol@ last sentence

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